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Prayer for this Day!!

You are our defender
our strong tower of defense.
You bring down the enemy with TRUTH
as a sword from Your mouth.
You expose wickedness and bring forth justice.
You lift up the humble
and bring down the proud and haughty.
You give peace and help
to those who cry out to You.

You take away peace and cause fear
to those who resist You
You sweep away their plans
As a man swipes a spider’s web.
You ride out against those
who stand in the way of righteousness
and defeat them in the way.
You send forth your angel armies to destroy the infrastructure of the wicked.

You set your angels around Your anointed Cyrus/Trump
You make his paths straight
And clear the way for him
You set the Godly in their positions
To counsel and help him.
Your plans are good
toward this nation.
Plans to help her
Fulfill her purpose
As a Sheep Nation
Our hope is in You.

You have been our song in the night
during the difficult years.
You have awakened Your Beloved
to be by Your side.
You grant favor to Your Children
And raise them up to govern with You.
You are the Lord
Of Heaven and Earth
We exalt You with
Your heavenly host.

Your throne is above every throne
Your Kingdom above every kingdom
Heaven and earth bow before You in
Adoration and honor
You are our Beloved King.

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