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The Holy Spirit is this spark that ignites the flame in your heart. This flame causes the fire in your soul to burn for the Almighty Lord God in Heaven night and day. You will seek and pray to him continually with repentance in your heart, you will profess through your tongue that he is Lord of Lords King of Kings, he is your salvation. He will cause your eyes to begin to see, your ears to begin to hear. Your compassion for our Lord and savior Jesus Christ will burn brightly, leading you in the paths of righteousness, if you stumble, if you fall he will be your staff. In your days of trouble he will comfort you. When your enemies surround you he is your cover and shield. For in the day that God spoke “let there be Light” he brought you into existence, along with all the Heavenly host, he knew you from the beginning. God, our Heavenly Father gave his creation, all the hosts of Heaven, free will to do and choose what they would do. However, He breathed the breath of life into his children, for you are created in his image. Many of Gods other creation looks down upon you and have proclaimed war against you. We, as children of the Most High God have willingly forgotten our bright natured selves to be wrapped in the sinful flesh garment just as God dressed Adam and Eve in coats of skins when they fell from the garden of Eden thus all have been subject to this earth realm. In this process all of Gods creation has been subject to flesh as the fallen ones have used their free will and set it to that of sin and rebellion against the Almighty. There leader wishes to set himself above all things, his own deceitful tongue has fooled even him, as he is convinced on behalf of his own lies. A war has been raging since the beginning of this rebellion. This war has been projected into our physical realm as the fallen believe they will have the upper hand over us as children of the Most High God living in this fallen state, but they do not realize we have willfully desired to have a hand in this war on this earth plain which rests between the light and the darkness. This earth is where all have forgotten everything, even God himself laid down his Glory, his authority, his Majesty, fashioned himself a garment of flesh, took on the mantle of a servant of servants, the meekest of the meek, lowliest of the lowly, and the humblest of all those that are humble. Sinned not once, neither in body nor in mind, yet made himself the filthiest of the filthy, a detestable thing, a wretched thing, a worm crawling in the cesspool of unspeakable horrors as he gathered it all unto himself and drank the full cup of his Fathers wrath for the sake of all. God with his righteous right arm, his word manifest in flesh, the only begotten Son, he is the hand of the Almighty God in Heaven reaching down and plucking out those who call upon his name. Come to him broken, shattered, helpless, and he in turn will ignite the fire in your spirit, the center of your heart, his Glorious light will project through you and shine his light in a darkened world. A light so Magnificent, so Glorious, so powerful, that it through you will call others to him in his name. He our Lord Jesus Christ, God in flesh subject himself to be under the authority of the wicked one, he did it all to break and end the raging war, to end the conflict, to draw the line, to break the curse of sin and death. He died on a cross, shed his own precious blood, and raised again three days later and ascended to the right hand of the Father and he sent the HolySpirit to cause that spark to ignite in his children. There are many other layers and pieces of this puzzle, this that is presented is only one aspect of Gods master plan for salvation and redemption, for many have stumbled into many avenues of darkness and the spark that ignites us will draw those out of the darkness bringing us into the Kingdom of Heaven through his Son Jesus Christ the only begotten son of the Father. Praise be to his name for ever and ever.

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