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Abba, Father, we are so grateful for Your Love and Mercy to us. We Worship You this day, We Honour You this day, and we Praise Your Holy Name this day. Thank you for waking us to serve You in Love and Obedience. Help us Abba this day, not to grieve Your Holy Spirit but to listen intently to His instruction.
Abba, Father, Yashuah told us that a house divided cannot stand. Thank You Abba, to knitting us all together and keeping us in in unity with You, and Your Son,Yahshuah Ha’Maschiach by the power of Your Holy Spirit. Cleanse us today from all division, envy, strife, competition, jealousy. Keep us from anything that would stifle Your Holy Spirit within us all and create in us a new heart of Your design. Tender and Compassionate. Strong in the Love of Christ Jesus.
Abba, Father, thank you for Your Divine Providence in each of our lives today. You provide perfectly for each one of us, before we even wake from our sleep, You have prepared our path for the day. Thank you Abba for Your great Kindness to us.
Abba, Father, I plead the Blood of Christ Jesus of Nazareth over Michael and over Angela today. I ask for an extra measure of Your Holy Spirit upon them both today and that You send Your Holy Angels to protect them and cover them so that the Good News of the Gospel of Yahshuah Ha’Maschiach will be spoken, in love, and in obedience to Your Holy Will.
Abba, Father, I plead the Blood of Christ Jesus of Nazareth over Tatum, Pastor Scott, Dr. V, Soldier of the Cross, our Men of Valor and Our Ladies of Grace, Also over this entire Family. Wash us clean in the Blood of the Lamb. Send Your Holy Spirit to help us to be attentive to Your Holy Word and work our own salvation out with fear and trembling; knowing the time is near.
Abba, Father, we thank you for the Love of the Family. We thank You for showing us with Your kindness and love. We thank you Yahshuah Ha’Maschiach for binding us all together in love and for helping us to stand united with one another, helping each other; loving each other and our neighbor.
Abba, Father, You are Faithful and You are True. You hear and answer our prayers perfectly. Thank you Abba. Let Your Will be done in our lives, not ours, but Yours. I pray all of this in the Holy and Mighty Name of Yahshuah Ha’Maschiach; Christ Jesus of Nazareth. Amen and Amen

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