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Morning Prayer


Abba, Father, thank You Abba, for waking us up this morning to You new day! Than You Abba not only for walking us up physically, but waking us up our Spirits; for quickening us that we pay attention to Yahshuah Ha’Maschiach more intently. We praise Your Holy Name Abba, and we bow to Your Holiness, knowing our place before You. Let us Never forget Your Holiness and Your Sovereignty over all! Let us never forget there is None like You. We are Yours by Your Power alone. We give You all the Glory and all the Praise for Your great Love, Mercy and Grace to us through Yahshuah Ha’Maschiach.

Abba, Father, we lift up our brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus throughout the world who are suffering persecution for the sake of the Gospel and ask that You continue to strengthen them in Spirit and in Truth. Thank you Abba, for their powerful witness to us; that we too will be standing strong in our Faith when our time comes.

Abba, Father, we lift up the people of Israel who are hated throughout the world. They are surrounded on all sides and have been deceived by those who eat at their table. Abba, Father, have mercy on them and have mercy upon those who live in Jerusalem. We pray for Your Peace to come to Jerusalem and that your Holy People will see the face of Christ and live.

Abba, Father, I plead the Blood of Christ Jesus of Nazareth over this Family, over our Men of Standards and our Ladies of Grace, our Watchmen and our silent selfless Workers. Abba, Father surround us with Your hedge of protection that we may continue to grow in love and in the Truth of Christ, cleansing and purging ourselves of all that does not please You. Show us Abba, that we may hear and obey Your Son, Yahshuah Ha’Maschiach. Abba, we thank your for reminding us that we are not alone and that we are joined in Christ, with all of our brothers and sisters throughout the world. Help us to all grow in Your Wisdom, and live in Christ Jesus, our Rock and our Place of Refuge. Through Him, strengthen our Faith and Trust in You, sharing all we are for the sake of the Gospel and for the sake of Your Son, who gave His all so we could live in Him forevermore. Thank You Abba, for Your Mercy and Grace this day. Help us not to waste any of this day of things that do not please you.

Abba, Father, thank You Abba, for all You are! Thank You for growing us ever single day into the Child You make us to be. We trust You, we Believe. Thank you for hearing and answering all of our prayers today Abba, according to Your Perfect Will. I lift these prayers to You in the Holy and Mighty Name of Yahshuah Ha’Maschiach, Christ Jesus of Nazareth. Amen and Amen.


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